Back at it! April update :)

We are pumped to be back at it in so many ways.

Firstly- We finally have some NEW PICS! They are up on our Facebook, and I will post them on here in a second.

Secondly- we are BACK IN THE STUDIO! There was a little bit of lag-time dealing with busy schedules, etc. but we are back in action working with Ben, and things are moving again!

Thirdly- we are also working on a very cool project we hope to be able to share soon!

ALSO- we are very excited for our favorite rocker miss EsJay Jones who has some big things going on! We are super pumped for her, and super excited to actually work and write together.

All in all- GREAT THINGS GOING ON! We are intensely focused on new material, and cannot wait to be able to get it out to all of you- and yes, PLAY LIVE AGAIN! We miss it terribly.

I am learning patience ;)

With love,
Alison & Alex
My Elysian