June 2012 Update

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to post a quick little update for you guys.  No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth, and YES- we are still working hard and are moving towards great things including GETTING NEW MUSIC OUT!

It has officially been 1 year since we moved from San Diego to Los Angeles and looking back on the last year has been pretty incredible.  In the last year here we have had the privilege of playing world famous venues in LA- meeting and working with inspirational people, we've written a lot, pushed ourselves, been tested, and have stood strong.  We both feel better, stronger, and more ready for what the future holds.

We have MANY new songs, and we are incredibly excited about them, as well as the people we are working with.  

We have both learned a lot about patience, and re-working songs til they are perfect.  

We are proud of ourselves in staying true to our vision and waiting to be able to come out hitting hard with new material.  We've been collaborating with two very talented DJs and songwriters.

We both cannot WAIT to play live- and we know when we are ready- it will all have been worth the wait.  We have made some incredible friends in LA - some awesome musicians in bands, and we know when the time comes to show what we've been working so hard on, we will throw one hell of a show!

Thanks for sticking with us.  We love you!

-Alison & Alex